All payments must be paid in full before you and your child will be seen. This includes any copays, coinsurances, deductibles, fees and/or balances. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No Show / Cancellation fees:

We want to dedicate our full attention to providing quality care for your child; therefore, we have allotted time in our schedule for you and your child. If you need to reschedule any appointment, a 72 hour notice is required. If a 72 hour notice is not given it will result in a $50 no show/cancellation fee. After two consecutive missed appointments, if your child has anymore appointments in the schedule, those appointments will be deleted from the system. The balance on the account will also need to be paid in full before more appointments will be scheduled.

Refill Protocol:

Patients are typically (not always) given 3 months of medication at the time of office visits with Dr. Knowles or Erin. (However, patients that are started on new medication must be seen in 1 month to gage the effectiveness and monitor for adverse reactions).

Refills will be ready for pick up 24 hours after call in request is received. We can mail prescriptions, however there is a $10 yearly mail out fee for prescriptions that are repeatedly mailed. If your childís prescription becomes lost in the mail, unfortunately there is nothing we can do in such an event. You will have to wait until it is time for your next refill before a new prescription can be written.

No Show = No Refill. Patient will have to wait to be seen in the office.

Refills will also not be provided for patients with account balances. The balance will need to be paid in full before a prescription will be given.

Absolutely no refills will be given to patients that have not been seen in the preceding 3-4 months (unless the patient is scheduled for regular follow up appointments every 6 months). Due to the nature of our medication, patients must be closely monitored.

Phone Calls:

Phone calls that are not within two weeks of the patientís appointment, do not result in the patient being seen immediately in the office or in the emergency room, and last longer than 5 minutes, are required to be billed. If your insurance policy does not cover phone consultations, you will be responsible for the balance.